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Frequently Asked Questions (before booking)

1) How big are the Hot Tubs?

Answer : Our current range is a 2-4 person hot tub, it takes up a space of 2m x 2m

& a 6-7 person hot tub, it takes up a space of 2.5m x 2.5m. We also have an inflatable 'axe' throwing target game which takes up a space 4m x 5m, and an inflatable igloo bubble that needs 4m x 6m. Please note our gazebos are 3m x 3m.


2) Is there a delivery fee?

Answer : Delivery fees are dependent on the distance our installation engineers need to travel. Please provide your post code when booking so that we can advise.


3) What are the prices?

Answer : Please visit your local branch page.

If you would like to book for longer than a week, please get in touch as we also offer extended rental periods.


4) Can I book dates other than Mondays and Thursdays delivery?

Answer : We can offer bookings of different dates from our usual rental start dates, please contact us to enquire

5) How can I book dates?

Answer : Contact us through the Contact Us Page or our Facebook page  our Instagram page or email us at


6) What Accessories and additional extras do you have available for hire with my Hot Tub?

Answer : We have a range of additional extra hire items, please go to Our Packages Page 

7) Why do I pay a deposit AND a hire fee?

Answer: Your deposit secures your booking this means we have allocated one of our hot tubs to you and no one else can book it for the dates you have specified. Your deposit is returned back to you after your hire period as it also acts as a security for us against any damage to the tub. The hire fee is the price you pay in order to hire a tub for a certain number of days


8) What is the deposit amount?

Answer : £50, but at the descretion of the Company we may increase this due to specific circumstances Indicated by Bubshire Ltd or Bubs Hot Tubs.

9) When do I get my deposit back?

Answer : Providing the tub has been well looked after then we return the deposit within 7 days (please see our Terms & Conditions) of the customer providing the required information to us, as you need to confirm the bank details we should return the deposit to. 

10) What are the requirements to be able to book a Hot Tub?

Answer : you must be over 18, you must have at least 2m x 2m outdoor flat ground floor space, electricity supply to outdoors, an outdoor tap. Please note our gazebos are 3m x 3m.

11)  Who sets up the hot tubs?

Answer: We do! We set up and leave the hot tub filling up with water ready for you to press the heating 'on' button

12) Do you have insurance?

Answer: We are a fully insured company

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